Tai Woffinden: Chasing the Dirt

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Zoning in on his second World Title, three times British Champion Tai Woffinden on speedway and the here and now

I got into speedway when I was really young. The thing I enjoy most about the sport is the Adrenaline.

I’m riding a 500 cc bike with no brakes and I’m trying to ride the bike as fast as I can. That’s what keeps me going. It might look simple but in fact speedway is one of the most complex motor sports because you’re trying to deal with the wheel spinning.

In every other motorsport you’re trying to get the power down to the ground. We don’t have any traction control on these bikes. We don’t have any technology to help us. It’s just about you and your sensitivity and your skill. That’s what I love so much about speedway.

Close up of Tai