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“All of Us” – filmed on the Isle of Skye


The world is for all of us to document

There are a plethora of reasons why we love working with Influx Magazine. From the different people we meet, to the amazing (and sometimes utterly bonkers) cars we are somehow allowed to work with. But most of all, it’s the freedom to express yourself.

All of Influx’s contributors are encouraged to flex their creative muscles and shamelessly indulge their passions. Whether they’re writing an article, photographing a collection of classic cars of producing a short film for the monthly editions.

Cars, bikes and motoring culture is the core of Influx’s mission but at the heart of it all is people.

And for us, what we find really fascinating, is the emotion and attachment people have with their cars and bikes.  

As fellow “petrol heads” we experience it as well.

After all, they are just machines. Or more increasingly, robots. But so many of us have this incredible bond with our cars which is ultimately why we end up on websites such as Influx. We share our stories and opinions (sometimes unwanted) with other members of the community. We’re driven to understand more about their passions and we love it when someone takes an interest in ours.

For many of us our cars are a way of expressing ourselves. An extension of our personality, a manifestation of our tastes and passions. At times they’re a shining man-made beacon for our emotions and this is why we love working with Influx. We’re able to craft films that mean so much more to us, and hopefully you too. We are able to create mini pieces of art that reflect the beauty, grace and sometimes raw aggression of these wonderful vehicles.

For our film ‘All of Us’ we explored the embarrassingly beautiful Isle of Skye with an E92 BMW M3. Or as someone in the Broadfood Co-op car park described it, “a hellish Batmobile”. The outlandish Eisenmann race exhaust may have had something to do with the hellish part of that observation. And the monstrous V8 engine. And all the blackness, oh, the blackness.

We were on a photography trip. Photographing this particular car against the backdrop of a stunning landscape for Influx.

And what did we see there? People taking photos of wild landscapes, people taking photos of the roaring ocean, the driving rain and oh…. Nearly every scenic vista point had someone photographing the love of their life in it. Their car.

We were in good company, and you are too.









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