Arc Vector

The New Arc Vector


Get ready to want a Human Machine Interface

The Vector is the world’s first fully neo-cafe racer that includes a fully integrated Human Machine Interface. But it comes at a hefty price. £90,000 to be exact.

The range of the Arc Vector ranges from 120 miles to 200 miles depending on where you ride and how you ride. It has a 399 unit monocoque system that provides great power to weight ratio, while also giving great range.

0-60mph on the Vector takes 3.1 seconds and it has a top speed of 200km/h (125mph). So it’s not ideal for the people who enjoy going above and beyond the realms this bike can take you.

The specs for this machine are as follows:

  • CCS DC charger (fast charging).
  • LED lighting.
  • Direct connection scissor and upper wishbone.
  • Hub centre steering.
  • Ohlins TTX suspension (front and rear).
  • Analysed front end geometry.
  • Carbon fibre swing arms.
  • Brembo Stylema brake system with ABS.

The Vector is a combination of the finest materials (sustainability, performance and aesthetic). The aesthetic is a mastery that reflects the Arc philosophy.

The attention to detail ensures every piece is optimum for its purpose. This ensures the purest, most balanced design possible.

Sustainability is what it is about. The planet facilitates the journeys we take so Arc build machines that both confront the elements but also protects them.

The Human Machine Interface is unique because the Arc Pilot System delivers a transformational experience. It gives you notifications and feedback that keep you safe and agile, allowing you to be free to enjoy your journey and make the most of the time.

The tech that comes with the Vector is The Arc Zenith and the Arc Origin.

The Arc Zenith is a helmet that has a projection based HUD (Head-Up Display), which was developed in collaboration with Hedon. It is similar to a fighter pilot system, which is a very significant technological jump. The integral rear camera can be shown through the HUD and appears automatically when it detects something in your blind spots. There are different modes that can be selected through a control on the bike, or they can be voice activated and act wirelessly. The helmet is comfortable, advanced, cool and combines form and function.

The Arc Origin is a collaboration between Arc and Knox, who are the motorcycle industry’s leading protection experts. They say the Arc Pilot System “heralds a new age in motorcycle safety, breaks new ground and takes immersive sensory experiences to a new level.” The suit has audio-powered haptics that are carried by an armoured shirt and they are placed in the most sensitive parts of the body. The audio-powered haptics allow the delivery of a “supremely nuanced” sensory input and a transformational riding experience.

The Design of the Vector shows sustainability because it uses the best-suited materials that reduce the mass and also minimises waste.

Arc Vector