Steve McQueen’s Bullitt

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images Michael Fordham/Influx

Ok, If we’re talking about car culture and San Francisco, there’s one thing that’s impossible to ignore. Bullitt: Steve McQueen’s famous opus that features that Fastback Mustang so beautifully, poetically and iconically.

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Thing is, though we haven’t actually spotted a Bullitt recreation ‘Stang since we arrived yesterday: we’ve seen a ton of Mustangs- and this brown, vinyl roofed confection is the closest thing to the original we’ve come across on our bike wanders around the city.

Polk Street, one of the locations of the original movie
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It’s worth reminding ourselves, in a city like San Francisco  that everything remains the same, even if the superstructure changes so much. It’s the kind of city that resonates with a million images and ideas. And we’ve captured a few pics that we thought you might enjoy. Go to Street Spots for more.

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