Steve McQueen Exhibition


Images by Barry Feinstein

It’s not the first time that a collective has focussed on the totemic image of the king of cool, but this take on the image and aesthetic he inspired is looking to be one not to miss.

Mach Schau in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory is presenting an exhibition of unseen photographs of the legendary Steve McQueen by of one of the 20th Century’s great image-makers, the photographer Barry Feinstein.

Taken from his early racing days through to the set of his most famous movie Bullitt, these unique images will appear together with original artwork, photography and illustration by contemporary artists.


‘Live for Myself. Answer to Nobody.’ showcases Feinstein’s limited edition prints that form the new book ‘Unseen McQueen’, alongside contemporary artists’ own work, contextualizing the collaboration, dealing with the overarching theme of the ‘Outsider’ and rebel culture still present today. Leading contemporary British illustrators such as Autumn Whitehurst and Christian Ward, working in digital and traditional art techniques rework these iconic photographs of McQueen in their individual mediums.

These new works relating to the myth and legend of this icon have been commissioned with artists taking up their own themes on the legend of Steve McQueen, to create their own stories and explanations of the man. McQueen had an appeal that crossed cultures and eras, ‘noble’ and ‘rebellious’, seemingly conflicting attributes in one person.

In addition to this original collection is an exploration through the work of Bill Ray, Von Dutch, Sam Christmas, Joe McGorty, Blitz, Death Spray Custom, Corpses From Hell and other custom car and bike creators, of the legacy of biker culture in contemporary society where the same rebel spirit lives on.

Bespoke merchandise and apparel from premium biker culture labels will be available for purchase at the show beside limited edition prints, books and original artwork.


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