Chronicles of Phatitude


It’s been a while since we shared with you the fruits of our ongoing mission in which we attempt to define the elusive term ‘phatness’.

It’s nothing to do with either hip-hop or the scourge of obesity that currently plagues the privileged nations of the world.

Rather it’s something to do with stance, angle that is defined by, ermm… well- you know it when you see it.

As you can see a perennial phat favourite the Ferrari F40 LM (rear view) – and it’s often the extreme bootiliciousness of the rear profile of our favourite sports cars that make it onto out phat list.

But as often as not it’s the powerful, squat stance of other angles too. Witness the group B Quattro, the Camaro or the Ruf 911 – each of these scream of it’s adnirable girth without giving up the view from behind.

And witness also how the stock-as-you-like pair of Lexus LFA super cars manage to carry their phatitude to the streets straight from the showroom – no motorsports homologation or street modification needed here…