Porsche: Targa Florio Tribute


images courtesy http://tillackco.com/

Two things in Motorsport go together particularly beautifully: Targa Florio and Porsche.

The long defunct, fatally dangerous and aesthetically beautiful Sicilian endurance race may have gone the way of the Dodo as far back as 1977, but it lives forever in the imagination.

Like its cousin the Mille Miglia the colour, sound and power of the Targa is burned into the cortex of anyone who cares about cars, style and aesthetics.

The video below was put together by an Italian aficionado of the race – and kindly bounced to us for context.

The sunburst liveried Porsche 908/3 – the short wheel base endurance racer perfect for the twists of the mountains is the one raced by Vic Elford in the 1970 event – and is, we think you’ll agree – typically evocative of the emotions inspired by the cars that competed around this time and this place.


One Response to “Porsche: Targa Florio Tribute”

  1. vipertruck99

    my slot car kicks the ass of even the mighty 917,but my fiat 500 is still quicker through the my quadruple “s” bends.lol