Death From Above: Classic Motor Racing


Angular colour fields brings out a new perspective on the pinnacle of Brutalist motorsport

photos: Michael Fordham

Motorsport is all about colour.

This set of pics from this year’s Silverstone Classic reminds us of that. With the sheer weight of great cars to photograph, we forgot about this little edit that we captured from above the Silverstone pit lane.

We were lucky enough to have great access in and out of the pits at this year’s amazing event – and were able to get up close and personal with a whole panoply of classic racing cars.

We have already blogged about our favourite racing car at the event – the mean and brutal Lola T222 Can Am machine.

This little edit brings a different flavour and perspective to the pits and to motorsport in general – and features more Lola endurance machines as well as an original Ford GT40 and a Porsche and Mclaren racers (stay tuned for more posts on killer McLarens down the line).

This aerial perspective is from the balcony of the Silverstone hospitality suite, a hot ticket at any event but one that will break the bank when Bernie Ecclestone’s circus comes to town.

We like the way the unique footprint of endurance racers and Can Am cars interact with the textures and colours of the pit lanes. You also get a nice, unexpected insight into the way the greasy rags interact with their charges – getting down, dirty and very close to these brooding, brutal totems of 20th-century tech.

If you like motorsport, do yourself a favour and get yourself to the classic next year.