Dirt Quake 2


There’s been a theory wending away our consciousness for a while now that actual, real culture doesn’t exist any more. With so many instantaneous communications berzerking its way around the planet, it seems that anything that attaches itself to anything: film, magazines, art, events: only aspire to be reflections of reflections of reflections. That Jean Baudrillaurd geezer, a Frenchie philosopher from the eighties, called this play of reflections ‘The Simulacra’.

But anyway, now we’ve convinced you how brainy we are, we wanted to introduce you to a slice of real-life contemporary bike culture, that, though a definite part of this wall of reflections that old Johnny Boy mentioned, retains its daft authenticity.

Yes, you guessed it: Dirt Quake 2 is upon us, the mentalist imaginings of these fellahs from Sideburn – our mate and oppo Gary Inman and crew. There’ll be a lot of fun messing about on motorbikes so, in short, we humbly suggest you get yourself to Norfolk Arena, in a roots-and-culture speedway kind of way at King’s Lynn.

You know it makes sense.