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Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately you will have noticed that there’s a new wave of bike culture happening.

All over the planet a new generation of people are getting turned on to motorcycles – and many of them are rejecting on the whole, the offerings of the mainstream bike industry. We’ve documented this shift over the last few years, with the help of Gary Inman – our bike correspondent and one of the chief commentators on and definers of this new way of being a biker.


It made sense to us, then, when Gary asked us if we’d be interested in getting involved in the Dirt Quake 3 – the event that he has created these last few summers with Sideburn Magazine at Kings Lynn dirt track raceway.

What started as a strictly turn left, go fast race event has evolved into a bit of an festival, where anyone can come and race and compete – no matter who you are and what you’re riding.

There’s loads of music and other good stuff going on too, naturally.

Great party band MFC Chicken will play straight after the DTRA racing on Friday night, with other good stuff going on in the bar. Inventor and stuntman Colin Furze will be blowing wigs off with his jet bicycle. Guy Martin will race a Harley Chopper on Saturday.

In this spirit of open mindedness, Influx are sponsoring the ‘Inappropriate Bikes’ race category – and we’ll be including a special prize for the person who competes with the most…panache.

It’s not always the person crossing the line that wins.

Go to the DQ site for all the details.

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  1. Thanks for using one of my shots guys. Photo by Mike Stuhler/Stu’s Shots taken of the Camel Pro Series at the Syracuse Mile in Sept. ’75.