Ducati Tracker by Earle Motors


great idea for a fibreglass bodyshell and the tracker format in a box....

I’ve always wondered why you don’t see many customised Ducati Monsters.

They’ve always seemed to me a worthy custom platform – though my altogether absent mechanical skills doesn’t make me the best commentator on anything technical.


But when I stumbled across these images of the tracker Monster from Earle Motors – it made perfect sense.

The tracker format, sitting up high and proud, with forward pegs and raised bars, is I reckon, the perfect stance for having a fun ride on city streets – as well as going fast while turning left of course.


And looking at Earle Motors site – it seems they’re going to be offering a ‘custom tracker’ kit that could transform anything from a Harley XL1200 or a Triumph.

As the site mentions, the kit comes with a prefabricated fibreglass body shell, which, when attached to a street-legal frame – becomes a bit like the classic dune buggy of the 1970s.

A street legal, light off-roader that is also an absolute blast for fun commuting/casual blatting.

We’re all for it. Biking is all about having fun.

Pics via Earle Motors