Triumph Thruxton R x Ducati Sport Classic


New edition Triumph gorgeousness reminds us of the elusive Italian stallion

OK, so if you give a hoot about motorcycles, by now you will have heard about Triumph’s newly announced 2016 bikes.

To say we’re excited about these new editions, which are due to go on sale some time next year, is an understatement.

But the thing and the bike that has us reaching for our MacBooks this morning is the simple prospect of sticking a bikini fairing on the gorgeously rendered 1199CC Thruxton R.

We can’t be alone in thinking that this burly beauty, which Triumph reckon will re-imagine the Triumph Twin format and update it to compete at every level with the most tech-heavy Japanese super bikes, calls to mind the beautiful and rare Ducati Sport Classic – which, for some reason, was discontinued by Ducati almost as soon as it appeared.

Ducati Sport 1000 1920x1200_c37 (1)

There’s no surprise there, however. When you create classic caff styling with modern tech and materials you’re bound to get outcomes like this, no matter who created the design or where the idea came from.

The Sport Classic remains for us an inexplicable cancellation – and one that we reckon Triumph is well placed to capitalise upon.

Here’s hoping that the Thruxton R will prove much more perennial than the Sport Classic.

Stay tuned for (much) more on Triumph’s new generation as and when we get to see them in the steel.

In case you missed the announcements, there’s plenty on the Triumph Website.