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Good looking girls have always been used to sell cars. But with the launch this week of Mito Jeans, the fields are confused. As well as raising money for Charity, the new brand of skin-tight denim modelled delectably by Alfa’s chosen trio of leggy beauties is thought to somehow ‘celebrate the genealogy of the stunning 8C Competizione with the Alfa MiTo’. what sort of dark art is this, that a pair of jeans can demonstrate design flow-through from two types of vastly different motors? And what are they actually trying to sell: a pair of jeans of the very seed concept of the tightly packaged, pleasingly-proportioned mini Alfa?


This is of course really about wakening us all up to the sexy MiTo’s pretty behind through the tantalising vector of the models strutting around and showing off their own pulchritudinous curves. But is it any different from the way an edgy bike brand like Icon uses vampish females to brand their very individual if slightly garish helmets and apparel? Does a hide-clad biker chick make you want to go out and purchase a new, brightly coloured pair of leather pants?


It’s funny, in any case how times change. Half a century ago, Scandinavian champions of safety Volvo dressed up a fine looking gal in leather driving gloves to turn us on to the then-unique three point seat belting system that is now ubiquitous. Did the fact of the young lady’s undeniably-improved chances of survival make you want to buy a Volvo?