911 Sports Classic: Retro Sex



The Carrera RS in white was always our favourite 911. When the days when all Porsches were wheezing snarling, back-happy brutes, the ducktail that was included in the early models was an apparently crude but supposedly effective aerodynamic solution.

You don’t have to be a physics postgraduate to tumble the fact that the flipped-up spoiler on the 911 Carrera RS’s rear bonnet lid would press the notoriously wayward tail down hard to the tarmac.

Interesting, then, that Porsche have chosen to revive the classic Ducktail in its forthcoming limited-edition Sport Classic, to be revealed shortly at Frankfurt. And all of a sudden it looks like our new Best German Friend.

But it’s not just the ducktail that stands out in the Sport Classic.

The double-dome roof stands out clearly at very first sight, and again bears reference to a long tradition, seen also in the roofline of the hyper Carrera GT.

The side-sills emphasise the increased width of the car at the rear. The body is based on the 911 Carrera S, but it features the rear bodywork of the all-wheel drive 911 models, and is thus 44 mm wider. This translates into the rear track also being wider by 34 mm.

This means even more lateral grip to interact with the Ducktail’s forceful down-pressure.

There’s more power through a new variable intake system, tweaked dynamics and a general hunkered down, retro race appearance that will have 911 diehards slavering.

They’ll have to pay close to £140K for the pleasure…but the price will probably appreciate as soon as it rolls out of the yard…



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