Fiat x Vans

Cars Culture

We’ve always thought that fashion/motoring industry collaborations have a real tendency to the cheese.

But when you throw surfing into the mix – things are bound to stink to high heaven.

In this spirit of extreme seasonal folly, Fiat has unveiled the 500L Vans concept, set to be showcased at the forthcoming US Open of Surfing. Designed exclusively for the event, the car is the result of Fiat teaming up with footwear brand Vans to create a ‘unique promotional model’.


Design changes on the Vans concept the 500L is based upon include a new grille, which houses four circular LED daytime running lights. Black alloy wheels contrast with the three-tone paint job and trademark Vans-inspired chequered roof, with a roof rack holding two surf boards and various other pieces of equipment.

The interior layout remains familiar but some Vans graphics have been added to the dashboard, while a new seat design matches the exterior colour scheme.

And the result is, in our opinion : AWFUL!

There are no plans to put it into production thanks heavens, but the 500L Vans concept is powered by a 160bhp version of the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine. It’s an American spec engine and currently not available to UK buyers in the standard 500L production car.

And why on earth would anyone want to own such a horrible clash of cultures? Thing is we like the classic California skate/surf brand Vans – and we’re also a big fan of Fiat cars.

We think this unholy marriage just does both brands a disservice!