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It’s easy to be cyclical about hipster bike videos.

It seems that all over the world, things that are handcrafted, artisan, bespoke and simple are being championed by a new generation of folk, many of whom are seen as being the Johnny-Come-Lateleys of whatever scene we’re talking about.

There’s just been a pretty well shared commentary on how this has happened in surf culture from Aussie surf hack Sean Doherty – and if you’re reading this you’ll know all about the supreme cynicism shown toward hipster biker culture. If there is a backlash it happened a long time ago.

Anyway, whatever you think about the new wave of custom culture, there are many people doing many good things within it. This film, and the products Farmers Racer make are very nice.

Enjoy. And don’t be a hater.



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  1. Almost as pretentious as one other one about the Italian
    with the beard and the crappy Iron Sportster taking photos and eating a sausage on a mountain top.