Ford Thunderbird Graphic Art

Cars Culture


We reckon the Ford Thunderbird, (the 1957 variety), must be one of the most commonly represented in graphic art in the history of the auto industry.

Not only was it a truly radical departure for mid century production Americana: this was totemic of a shift away from the behemoth family barges that were procreated in the name of reaching out to the consumerist masses of the Mad Man era.

Not surprising, when you look at how radical the design was, that it was made into a fetish by The Beach Boys. If you were going to nick mom and dad’s car, it was always going to be the T-bird – it was a ground-up manifestation of a certain sort of American teen dream even if your parents had to be wealthy to buy one.

But never mind the vehicle: check out the cool American modernism of the architecture here! Just underlines the fact that this car was a true modern classic.