Ford GT Supercar: applications in!


Sign of the times: The first round of online applications is in for ownership of the Ford GT supercar.

Ford were buzzing with news last week when more than 10,800 people showed interest online in buying a new Ford GT.

But not all of these were folks noodling around, dream car-shopping in their office lunch hour.

In addition to the initial enquiries, Ford received 6,506 fully completed applications from people around the world – including over 500 from the UK market alone. All this in the one-month ‘first option’ window to apply to purchase the new EcoBoost-powered, carbon-fibre supercar.

The idea of ‘applying’ to buy one of these cars speaks directly of the times. Back in the day it was all about a boozy lunch followed by cold hard cash.

Wealthy racers and would-be slayers of Ferraris would have launched at you with a whisky breath. They may even have gestured toward you with a gnarled middle finger.


Cut back to these more genteel days and According to Ford Press, the number of applicants spiked in the last six days of the window, during which 32 per cent of the total fully completed applications were completed before the window closed.

“We’re excited by the amount of enthusiasm fans are showing for the new Ford GT,” said Dave Pericak, one of the higher-ups in Global Ford Performance. “This initial application window is just one of many ways fans and potential owners will have to connect with our all-new supercar even before it hits the streets.”

Ford is now reviewing applications from those 6,506 potential supercar buyers and will start notifying potential owners in the next 90 days. And you can’t just ‘buy’ a car like this. Course not. You have to show Ford that you deserve to own such a talismanic extension of the Marque’s heritage.

Personally I’d rather just drive one. I’d rather get all sweaty and anxious pushing one of these to the limit. I can ‘connect’ to my mobile. Or my Tesla for that matter.

Nevertheless according to the corporate machine hundreds of registrants have submitted videos with their applications during the month-long application window, hoping to bolster their chances of purchasing one of the first 500 new Ford GTs.

Creative applicants featured children, lighting effects, racing footage, revving engines, garage tours and life stories to show why they should own the all-new Ford GT.

Can you imagine hard men like sixties Ford racer Dan Gurney (below) ‘applying online’ for ownership of this most musky of motors?


The all-new production supercar is expected to start arriving in customers’ garages by the end of 2016.
The initial application process is now closed.

But you can connect at the car’s own website of course.