Goodwood Revival

Cars Culture

Today the word “extreme” has very fixed connotations: danger, excitement, even borderline ridiculous.

But when you think about it, the people that make this festival what it is are true Automotive extremists. The lengths to which those involved will go to ensure the authenticity of the revival experience is incredible.

Whether it be the invitation-only racers, the individuals’ outfits, or the newspaper wrapped fish and chips, every detail of retro culture at the annual tweed fest is exact.

But The revival is not just about British motoring culture, and there the place is plastered with material other than tweed. It also draws in a legion of aviation enthusiasts, who lust over beautiful pieces of Aeronautical design, like the P51 Mustang. This year’s Revivalists were treated also to a spectacular flypast by a Lancaster bomber and a duo of Spitfires to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

There’s the Hotrodders with their girls dolled up in classic Americana that screams of chrome-clad diners and milkshakes, there’s the old boys in leather helmets, the cheeky burlesque girls and their curves and lipstick. Good wood at the time of the revival is a sort of Bermuda triangle that sucks in people seeking refuge from the aesthetically converged contemporary culture: and a place where they can safely revel in nostalgia. Even if that nostalgia is for a time most of the attendees have never known.

And it seems to be contagious. Over the last few years entrance figures to the Revival has skyrocketed – as have attendance to other shindigs like Race Retro; this year’s Vintage at Goodwood was a multi-faceted newcomer and a great success – and events like this are sure to be a regular on the summer calendar from here on in.

What makes these events so increasingly popular? As these glory years get further and further away from living memory are people more desperate to cling on? Or is it merely that vintage is becoming ever more fashionable as the demographic grows more aged with every generation?

Here is a selection of photos from this year’s Revival to help you decide.

Pics by John Isaac