Guy Martin x Triumph Speed Record Attempt


Hero of Speed sets sights on new LSR with Triumph

Triumph Motorcycles have confirmed their new land speed record attempt with greasy national treasure Guy Martin

Our kid will be hitting the salt at Bonneville astride the Triumph Rocket III Streamliner, which is powered by two turbocharged, methanol-drinking 2.3 litre Triumph Rocket III engines, produces a total of 1,000 bhp.

Guy Martin-3

The crack at the two wheeled record will go down on the Flats in Utah between 23-27 August this year, and the target is to surpass the current record of 376.363 mph over the measured salty mile.

Triumph held the record constantly between 1955 to 1970 (with the exception of a brief 33 day period) – and this attempt sees the first serious attempt to reclaim the totemic Bonneville moniker since then.


The 2015 Triumph Rocket Streamliner (which doesn’t actually look much like a bike, it has to be said) features a carbon Kevlar monocoque construction. It is 25.5 feet long, 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall – and will provide enough adrenaline,

even for a speed junkie like Mr Martin.