Hells Angels Artwork


Stumbled upon this beautiful little piece of artwork today. What appeals to us about it is the way it skillfully re-imagines the whole world of the Hells Angels by using a simple but effect graphic treatment and a bit of colour.

We’re guessing the artwork is from an early paperback edition of the superb opus of gonzo journalism by the great Hunter S Thompson — but we can’t be sure.

We love exactly this kind of alternate take on bike culture that veers away from the greasemonkey clichés.

If any of our knowledgable readers can enlighten us as to who the artist is/ exactly which edition of the book the cover is from, then we would be super happy to hear.

In the meantime when you get the chance, listen to this really interesting piece of audio of the author interviewing one of the main protagonists of this brillliant work of journalism.


2 Responses to “Hells Angels Artwork”

  1. Shack104

    Just goes to show that spin ain’t nothin’ new, and that you shouldn’t believe what the papers say, at least ’til you’ve heard both sides of the story.