Mutant Exige from Silverstone Via Texas


Historically the fastest and sexiest piece of Anglo-American vehicular collaboration may have been the Mustang P51 fighter-bomber. But now, there’s a demonic transatlantic pretender to the P51’s throne.

Meet the Hennessey Venom GT. The engine’s from the Lone Star state and the Lotus Exige-based chassis is pieced together, and the car assembled (with trick running gear, traction control and a fusillade of Brembo pots) in our very own Silverstone.

According to Jalopnik and TG and PH its power-to-weight ratio is 0.302, bettering the figures of 0.254 that you get with a Bugatti Veyron.

Whilst the £600K price tag seems a little excessive for a tuned Lotus, only 10 will be made a year. And the feeling of 715bhp in a car that weighs just over a metric tonne is going to be something to experience.

Is it us, though, or are all hypercars starting to look the same?