Silverstone Classic: The United Colours of Lamborghini


colourful Lamborghini stand out in the stunning crowd.

The Silverstone Classic is a heaven for a car geek – and these Lamborghini were a highlight.

Not only are there enough racing cars from every era to turn a motor sport fan into a quivering wreck, last weekend’s event was definitely the most well-attended and diverse gathering of car clubs we have ever witnessed.

More on the motor sport aspects of the Silverstone Classic in the coming days and weeks – but to kick things off – check out the colourful loveliness of this clutch of Lamborghini – cars from the UK Owners Club.

The Countach, of course, is most people’s idea of what a Lamborghini is. And this stunning 500QV example from the mid-eighties was about as perfect as they come. This one came with a brilliant, flawless, newly restored interior in white hide.


And in terms of rarity, pricelessness and panache,
this Lime-green Muira stole the Lambo show. It had us whistling the opening credits of The Italian Job. And to hear that engine running was a real treat.


We’ve loved the unique, breadvan-ish acreage of auto-loveliness that is the Espada for the longest time. But this powder blue paintjob makes us look at the car all over again. Surely one of Lamborghini’s prettiest creations.


But the Kermit-coloured Jarama was my personal favourite
, possibly of any car we saw all over a stunning weekend. There’s something beautifully raw, chunkily tractorlike and delectable about the Jarama – and this crisp colour bought out the patina perfectly.


Stay tuned here for more from the Silverstone Classic.