Honda Civic Type R


It’s about time. But the Civic Type R is back. And boy don’t the company want you to know.

It’s been, what, the best part of a decade since the last totemic, sporty issue from one of our favourite companies was released. Over that time, the withdrawal from F1, and the removal of the brilliant S2000 from the Honda roster has managed to lend the atmosphere of the retirement home to your average Honda dealer.

Loyalists and generalised Hondamentalists remain impassioned by the engineering legacy of the late great Soichiro Honda – and the return next year of the Civic Type R is going to be waited for with hotly baited breath.

We think it looks great. There’s all the fluid design of the standard Civic, with added scoops, tail fins and intakes that you would expect. The stance is good too – as we’ve often thought that wheel arches on the entry models are way to big to hold those little 16 inch rims of the standard issue.

The last Type R was notoriously difficult to live with – and it remains to be seen if the generation of perceived mediocrity that has been created from the company can be transcended by the second coming of this hot hatch.

Watch this space for more.