Jaguar E -Type Lightweight, Lowdrag


images via Le Container

We were taken aback by these beautiful images of a very special E-Type ‘lowdrag’, one of the few examples of a factory original to be designed and built between 1961 and 1966 out of Jaguar’s near mythic Browns Lane ‘Jaguar Competition Department’, known by the Orwellian moniker ‘Department 21’. In fact, we think this may be the one and only factory original.

But we’re wary of making sweeping statements, so please correct us if we’re wrong.

These cars competed successfully in numerous endurance racing events all over Europe – and if there were a ‘sexy car’ competition they would to this day take the garland.

You can find out in deep and minute detail the exact provenance of this particular car here – but suffice it to say that when you see these cars up close and personal (as you will if you hazard to spend any time at historic racing events this summer – you’ll be convinced as any of us that these racing E-types are some of the most beautiful bits of metal to grace a race track.


4 Responses to “Jaguar E -Type Lightweight, Lowdrag”

  1. vipertruck99

    seen this before, but never photographed so well.ordinarily would not take a gift of an e type,(and yes ive driven 2,ser,3? v12 conv and ser 2 4.2).but this is another story,always had a thing about rivets and bulbous arches…

  2. Philmo

    NAH! You’ll have to flat those rivets off!