Jody Scheckter x Tyrrell T34


I wasn’t sure why I was a little obsessed with Jody Scheckter as a kid. Until I recently looked at some pictures again of the Tyrrell T34. And his hair.

The controversial Tyrrell T34 six wheeler didn’t blaze a long-lived path of glory – but before it was banned it was unstoppable – and of course looked like every kid’s dream of a super racing car. Scheckter was at the wheel right from the start of his F1 career in 1974 before a stint for Walter WOlF racing and winning the world championships at the helm of a Ferrari in 1979.

A little boy's dream
A little boy’s dream

I can only guess that magnificent barnet must have had something to do with my interest in the man. Looking again through the archive too – he’s an amazing man – having not only won the world F1 championship but having built up a multi million dollar firearms company in his native South Africa, before moving to England and launching a hugely successful organic farming enterprise.

From F1 to weapons to organic produce. That’s a hellova diverse field of success.

Perhaps I was right in being fascinated by the man.

Great T34 onboard here.