Volvo p1800: Roger Daltrey


OK, so Roger Daltrey had a series of interesting haircuts.

He was also frontman of The Who – and as such was responsible for some of the most powerful rock music to come out of the British Isles in the sixties – and during that period these islands were not exactly short of powerfully influential music.

Who would have guessed then, that the great man would have been associated with a Volvo?


But, thinking about it again – the P1800 wasn’t the sort of Scandinavian bore machine that many see the brand representing today. Far from it. This was a long nosed, Brit-built burly beauty (sorry for the alliteration). It was driven on the telly by The Saint, too – a Bond-like debonair secret agent type played by Roger Moore.


Who can say when the brand swung from this sort of perceived suavitude to the safety first, boxy wagon dreariness that Volvo is heir to?

Personally, we have always been a fan of the Volvo brand and the cars it has produced – it’s just one of those quirks of car culture that has Volvo transmuted from the p1800’s sexiness to what came thereafter.

Another truly exciting Volvo is well overdue.