Lancia ECV – Concept Car


Lancia’s ECV (Experimental Composite Vehicle) was a prototype Group S rally car that was supposed to replace the Lancia Delta S4 in WRC’s 1988 season. Sadly, and as we often lament, Group B as well as Group S cars were banned from competition by the FIA in late 1986.

The ECV, therefore, never mudded its strangely plasticky panels.

Shame, because this boxy, short wheelbased beast had been projected to produce 600 horsepower from its innovative 1.8 Twin Turbo ‘triflux’ engine. The Kevlar and Carbon fibre construction would probably have made it a serious lightweight contender.

Despite the lack of credentials Carlo Gaino of Synthesis design created a second generation of the ECV (in white).

IF ONLY Group B performance was allowed to be brought back into the WRC arena!


One Response to “Lancia ECV – Concept Car”

  1. Rui Medeiros

    The Group B cars never be banned from WRC. As a consequence the death while competing, Bettega at 1985 and Toivonen at 1986 both Group B drivers and some spectators at 1986 WRC Portugal Rallye, results, after many pressures and fears, the FIA precipited decision to be banned Group B and the announced and expected Group S as a natural evolution of B Group cars. I think (and many thousands spectors around the world) was a very bad decision. They must been reflected more time and may be the best thing to do, were create new rouls to improve the security at Group B and S cars, attending a new and advanced technology of these magnific race cars and the constant evolution, would be used to improved the developing all automobile industry to be more preformand and safety like at is be do at present time.