Lotus C-01: Lightcycle

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As Kris Kristofferson might say: ‘If it looks like a Sci- Fi bike son, then that’s what it is, a Sci-Fi bike”

The sentiment holds true in the case of this breathtaking new machine from Lotus. It looks like a ‘Lightcycle’ straight out of ‘Tron: Legacy’ because it was designed by Daniel Simon. That’s right son, the same guy who designed the ‘Lightcycles’ in ‘Tron: Legacy’

Its space age look is backed up with space age materials. Combining aerospace grade steel, aluminum and carbon fibre to produce an amazingly light bike for its size- at only 399 pounds (sans rider and fuel).

Lotus gave the build license for the bike to Kodewa, the auto racing team that have been working with the manufacturer on their FIA World Endurance Championship cars, so it doesn’t want for performance.

The 1.195 litre engine produces 200hp through a 6-speed jaw type shift box.

The quirky design does lead to certain impracticalities- with the faring and suspension- that you perhaps wouldn’t expect on a modern bike. But you’re not likely to be using this beast for your daily commute.

If you can afford £100k plus VAT we’re guessing practicality comes way down the list after looking good.

And for our money to really look good order the British Racing Green edition for a beautiful confusion of glorious heritage and futurist vision.