Nissan Skyline Hakosuka 1970


pics via RM

If you appreciate automotive boxiness this Hakosuka Skyline will set your pulses racing.

The ‘Hakosuka’ Skyline (loosely translated as ‘boxy)’ is the first edition of and the true forerunner of the legendary GT-R brand.

Dating from the time of Japan’s massive and rapid Economic growth – the first ever GTR has hardwired into its very being the industrial aesthetic of the times.


The third-generation Skyline, of which this GTR is a version, was introduced in 1968. It was originally conceived by Prince and was badged and marketed by Nissan after the company’s merger. With the success of the first 2000GT, Nissan further developed the Skyline with the triple-carbureted 2000GT-X and, the ultimate iteration, the 2000GT-R.

With 160 horses from an in-line, twin cam six – it is beautifully resonant and symmetrical – and is for sale at Auction in the new year via RM in Arizona.

Stick one down for your own January sale.