Lotus Carlton: Vauxhall’s Muscle-Bound Everyman Hero


Not many motors from the early 1990s get us hot under the collar. The Lotus Carlton is one that burns!

Launched in 1991, the Lotus Carlton caused something of a Tabloid Panic.

It was a ‘Killer Family Car’ – so went the tale. Class prejudice was riven through the sentiment. Plenty of Porsche, Ferrari – even BMW M5s of the time were able to push out toward the 170MPH mark. But because this was a Vauxhall – darling of the blue collar classes – the kneejerk story was that it’s very existence was somehow immoral.


This was, of course, a four-door banger and came without limiters or traction control.

So it was a hooligan. But some of the best muscle cars in automotive history shared that dashing, irresponsible image.