Muscle Cars and the Medusa Bellflower


Sex, flamethrowers and muscle cars. It might be a bit of a mainstream combo, but this diabolical trinity seems to have everlasting appeal. The root of the muscle car is, of course, deeply embedded in a heady mix of testosterone, petrol and male-ness. It’s no surprise then, that they remain a delightfully indulgent fantasy for a certain sort of person.

We stumbled across this little movie recently and were wondering about the motor, of course (is it a Pontiac GTO?) We’re not authorities of the art of the Muscle Car, but we enjoy them when they are treated as ridiculously as this one is being treated.

We’re not sure, either, whether the film is getting or has had a theatrical release. If you like what you see, you can scour the webs and find out where you can catch the full show. Looks like Reservoir Dogs meets Two Lane Blacktop!



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