Mercedes, Pininfarina and Camargue


Did Mercedes and Pininfarina give birth to a Rolls Royce?

We’re currently a bit obsessed by this strange, beautiful creature.

If you look at it a little more sideways askance – it brings to mind the ride of a generic baddie in a Hollywood TV movie. Look at it. Can’t you just imagine it chasing down an errant private dick along Mulholland Drive, wacka-wacka guitar riffs sketching out a soundtrack beneath the roar of the 6.3?

But if you squint, it really does look like Rolls Royce’s beautiful Pinin collab coupé the Camargue.


Facts are all over the webs on this car – and you can easily get the deets elsewhere. It’s a one off. It was commissioned by a mysterious, nameless dutch fellow from Sergio Pininfarina himself. It formed the basis of a possible development project for Mercedes themselves – or it might have not. Rolls boss swears, apparently, that he’s never seen this car in the process of the Camargue’s development.

Looking at the stretched lines, that raked c-pillar and the squared off aft and forward ends of the Mercedes, it’s certainly probably that the emergence of this customer car led directly to the creation of the Camargue, which remains our favourite Rolls Royce of all time.

Have a look. You decide.