Mercedes 280SL



When we think of cars made by Mercedes Benz, we think of big, hulking, masculine brutes like our favorite hulk the G-Wagen. There’s something obviously Germanic and heftily big boned about them, something that has, to be frank, rarely mustered our passion.


This Mercedes 280SL, however, scotches the belief in Benz’s unreconstructed blokishness.

The car is available at a tantalisingly low estimate of between $40-70K as part of a private collection n Canada.

The 280SL- which replaced the legendary 300SL in 1963 representing a more accessible luxury GT for the burgeoning Domestic and US market.

It came in a perky package with a nicely stiff chassis and a straight six engine that did the job properly. It was the boxy but graceful design of the body that has proved such a perennial. It evokes, somehow, a more feminine aspect of those stoic, solid brand values.


It might not really be a pure blooded silver arrow with racing heritage, but it summed up a cheeky sort of sixties aesthetic that has lasted the test of time.