Missing In Action

People Culture

The artist known as MIA is pretty controversial. The Londoner with a Sri Lankan heritage has always polarised opinion, mixing up musical and creative influences from everywhere, and messing generally with the field of expectations and images.

The video below for her new single ‘bad girls’ is another provocative edit of seemingly divergent images. This time try bad girls, street racers, and Kalashnikov-weilding insurgent-types for size.

Apparently shot in Morocco (though obviously evoking the more troubled environs of North Africa and the middle east), there’s an interesting inclusion of beemers and Alfas making use of the loose render of the dusty roads.

Not sure how we’re supposed to read this mad mashup of cultural forms. We dig it anyhow.

Oh, and she ‘upstaged’ Madonna at the Superbowl. What’s not to like?