National Lampoon’s Roadtrip

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There’s something about the great American road. It’s always been an arena of mythic adventures, tortured mishaps and, if you’re lucky, hilarious comedy.

And the comedy doesn’t get much more hilarious than that dreamt up by Chevy Chase. His National Lampoons series of movies always manage to hit the comedic spot : and there’s often a lovely bit of kooky, on-period automotive action involved too.

Here, the great man and archetypal American dad, styles out his road trip whilst trying to impress eighties bomsbhell and ‘uptown girl’ Christie Brinkley as she shadows their wagon in her targa-topped Ferrari 308.. Which, it has to be said, look tantalisingly accessible these days. Especially without a supermodel at the helm.

Stay tuned for more Chevy action.


One Response to “National Lampoon’s Roadtrip”

  1. vipertruck99

    ahhh,back when national lampoon was a guarantee of a funny film and a 308 was not just a red flag to a civic or clio.if you buy a 308 today stock up on car wax,will be fun to polish but too scundersome to actually drive,shame as they look and sound amazing