Revolution versus Evolution


Have you noticed how almost every car commercial you will ever watch, there will be a good looking individual, a car, and some lonely, beautiful and deserted highway. This is because of two reasons. Freedom and sex sells motorcars. The truth is that car makers, ad agencies and every marketeer in the industry will do anything they can to convince you that the reality of car ownership and driving is anything but a libidinal and liberating experience.

We, of course, know different, but we can’t help but promote this libidinous liberation in the column inches we print and that we fling up into the webosphere. There’s something encoded in the imagery that just makes it so.

That’s why, when we come across an advert like the recent one that promotes Audi, we rejoice. The ‘Revolution Versus Evolution’ ad is a stripped down, fundamentally uninflected take on pure automotive sexiness.

It’s still might be sex that’s selling, but it’s the whiff of oil carbon and gearage that wafts around the imagination in this case.

Bravo to whoever had the vision to promote this sort of simplicity.