Triumph TR4


Sometimes a street spot makes us delve and indulge. We were surprised when we saw The Triumph TR4 here, complete with leather luggage rack and replete in British Racing Green – just how badass and menacing a supposedly lovable old timer like this could appear.

It might not be as balls-out burly as the TR6 – but it certainly has a presence on the road that is unmistakably powerful. You can see the Michelotti-influence in the lines and the raffish confidence with which it sits there, whispering of a time and a place in Brit car culture where anything seemed possible.

These were interesting at the level of engineering too, and have gained a reputation for being tough as nails – which is why so many clubs, rallies and other scenes have sprouted up around the cars.

Just don’t feel the need to wear a sheepskin bomber and a flat cap. They are so last century!

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