The Ride: from Gestalten


Venerable German publishing house Gestalten released a few weeks ago their book on the rise and rise of the Custom Bike scene. There’s a couple of nice films we thought we’d share that paint a vivid picture of the European side of this movement – centred as it is around the Wheels and Waves event.

It’s obvious that mainstream motorbike manufacturers aren’t providing the sorts of machines that appeal to young, creative people (unless, perhaps, you can afford a brand new Triumph Thruxton) – but even if more manufacturers produced tailored custom machines, the instinctive impulse to strip it down and build it up again to spec, would remain. When one fellah, commenting on the book by on this ere film says as much, we thought he’d nailed it on the head.

“It’s the Counterpart of the plastic generation…”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

You can order the book here.