Robert Redford: Little Fauss and Big Halsy

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more love for the Redford bike romp

It’s one of the weirder films Robert Redford ever made.

But featuring, along with old Goldie Locks, characterful squirt Michael J Pollard and the beautiful, beguiling gat-toothed siren Lauren Hutton, it’s worth a look.

The plot is all over the place, the characters are to a man down-at-heel losers, but motorcycles and the love of dust and racing runs through it like lube – making the less-than-epic film making seem more-than-bearable.

Apparently Redford thought it was the best script he’d ever read – but it bombed nonetheless when it hit the screens in 1970. Execution was, perhaps, hampered by the strange summer in which it was produced – yes folks, Southern California in the summer of 1969 was indeed a twisted season.

God knows what casualties that dangerous summer turned up on set.