Robert Redford: Biker


Robert Redford by Orlando Globey via The Selvedge Yard

It’s well documented that Paul Newman & Steve McQueen were racers to their bones. These guys knew how to operate machines of four wheels and two as well as they knew how to make love to the lens. But it’s lesser known that Robert Redford, an essential part of that Hollywood triumvirate of 1960s & 1970s cool, also was bitten by the petrol bug.

According to the beautiful and oft-inspiring TSJ, Redford would ride a dirtbike around the wilds of Utah as a young man, and first stumbled upon his Sundance ranch while out in the back woods.

Until today we had never heard of the motorbike film Redford starred in alongside character actor and professional kook Michael J Pollard. Little Fauss and Big Halsy is a knockabout comedy drama from 1970 straight out of the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ school of southern trashpoitation. The saturated colours of the film itself (is that Kodachrome) makes it worth a watch, we reckon, as well as the cool old scramblers, Pollard’s pug-faced performance and the superbly sexy Lauren Hutton.

Oh, and Johnny Cash performed the signature tune. Nuff said.