Spirit of the Seventies


Something strange happened in the early seventies.

In fact, quite a lot of strange things happened in that part of a weird decade.

But in the motoring industry – it just so happened that some of the most creatively imagined, outrageously exploratory car designs emerged in that era – despite the planet being wracked by an oil crisis – a heatening cold war – and a global recession that nearly did for western democracy.

Still, emerging from the shadows was this strange beast – known as the Ferrari Studio CR25 Prototipo.


It was a design study from longtime Ferrari collabs Pininfarina – and it featured air brakes – those flappy things on the rear pillar setup – as well as four seats and a questionable aesthetic that nevertheless returned a super low drag coefficient.

It looks like the frut of a decade-long comedown – and a livener was probably needed to get over all the gloom.

And we love the marketing schtick.

The girl is as period correct as the art direction and those wacky rims… for us this is the Spirit of the Seventies .