The Derelicts


Icon have made a bit of a name for themselves by breathing new life into old FJ-series Land Cruisers. The whole thing is about restoring cars with classic looks, classic feel – but re-engineering them with modern reliability, performance and technology.

The guys at Icon have gone one step further with their derelict project. The video says all you need to know, but the sentiment is basically to restore a classic car, but not to the kid-gloved, purist paranoiac level where your cherished example of a stupendous automobile cannot be driven.

We think that the idea of retaining the patina of cool old cars while re-imagining them for everyday use is the perfect example of our way of looking at cars.

We want the classic but don’t want either to be a) vacuum packing a motor and wheeling it out twice a summer for some posh-bloke event or b) stuck on the side of the road three days a week on the school run etc.

The rub is, of course, that it probably costs as much to re-engineer one of Icon’s old Derelicts than it does to buy a new 3 series. But, if you had the disposable, you’ve gotta admit it’d be tempting.