The Strange (Morris) Traveller



Some of you may recognise John Issac from this scandalous shot taken this weekend at the Bellyboard World Championships at Cornwall’s Chapel Porth beach. John is a legendary Cornubian classicist. He is a lover of old cars, old surfboards, and old woollen trunks and cups of tea.

John appeared in Influx issue 3, talking about his classic ’32 Ford Roadster Hot Rod.

As you can see, John has off-hired the iconic Hot Rod in favour of a Morris Traveller, which, in its wood-clad tradition, carries even more surf-culture cred than the ‘Rod.

There’s something about dyed-in-the-wool (geddit) classicist that ingeniously makes icons out of the everyday flotsam of yesteryear and applies them to the here-and-now. John’s obsession for all things tweedy, incongruous yet beautiful is a joy to behold. The man even goes fishing bedecked in tweed and cane.

If you should find yourself down Newquay way for a bit of Indian Summer fun, you could do worse than pop in see John and company for tea, cake and inspiration in his temple of material culture, Revolver.

Thanks to Shayne at The Tea Appreciation Society for supplying the pic.


2 Responses to “The Strange (Morris) Traveller”

  1. Looks like a 1962 Moggie to me. That man looks like somthing out of clockwork orange.