See the Toyota FT-86 at Geneva


It’s comfornting to know that there’s a new hot launch on the way that’s not either stratospheric and ridiculous (think Aston 177, or Lexus LFA) or pious and overly eco-righteous (think almost everything else).

Next month’s Geneva salon may contain more of the polarised world of new car launches, but at Least the FT-86 is a dynamic little speedster that will be (sort of) accessible to mere mortals.

The five-seat FT-86 (Hachi Roku according to Japanese car fetishists) goes back to the fundamental qualities of the classic sports car with its rear-wheel drive configuration, compact dimensions, low centre of gravity and lightweight construction. Under the bonnet there is a 2.0-litre boxer engine that is strong on both performance as well as efficiency.

The show car’s bodywork is finished in Flash Red, an eye-catching shade that contains a hint of blue. Inside, the cabin design further expresses the car’s classic sporting qualities with many of the structural elements left uncovered.

It’s still only a concept, of course, but it’s continual unveiling gives a hint that we could expect to see the car available, and probably not for too kingly a ransom, before we’re too old to enjoy such a thing.

Here’s hoping.


5 Responses to “See the Toyota FT-86 at Geneva”

  1. Frank Paddo

    Thing is with this is that I'd rather have a boxster. Does look pretty nice, though. But just how much will the list price be?

  2. can you please write the source of the news? its unconfirmed unless you state an official resource.. the Geneva auto show page consists only of a few ft86 images in their website gallery but no textual confirmation about the fact. and all rumors about the geneva show seem to lead to one Dutch website that just mentioned assumption or guess :/

  3. michaelfordham

    Hey FT86 Fan
    Thanks for the heads up. Sometimes we publish our sources, sometimes we don't.
    We take that as our creative prerogative!
    In this case, agreed it would indeed have been helpful to let Toyota fans in on the action.
    We received news of the FT86's appearance at Geneva via
    Newspress is a UK based automotive news resource. Unfortunately, I can't point you in the direction of the actual release: you'll have to get a log-in to access that info. Feel free to signup!
    Hope that helps, and stay tuned for more Japanese and general Toytota skinny.


  4. weird i received the notification of reply only now. so anyways, we got an official answer from Geneva auto salon organizers that the car will be there 🙂