Utility Love


all images © Jonathan Levitt

We’ve been trying to define what we love about Jonathan Levitt‘s blog, Grass Doe.

Grass Doe is a collection of the Maine photographer’s images, updated regularly.

There are beautiful images of snowbound wolves, bucolic riverine moments and delectable slant-lit plates of food fit for the most cultured of woodsmen.

There are amazingly textured rock formations, woods full of turning leaves and silent pathways that hint of isolated adventure.

But among these immaculately presented interpretations of nature’s wonders is sprinkled the occasional great shot of cars and bikes; more often than not of the supremely utilitarian kind.

It makes sense to us. After all vehicles are essentially magic carpets through which you experience the world in all its wonder. At least if you allow them to be.

Something about the way the cars and bikes are represented here foregrounds that aspect of car culture, and it chimes deeply somewhere within us.

Do yourself a favour and bookmark Jonathan’s sites.