Renault 4 Love


When I first saw these images I was scrolling through them for a full five minutes before I realised what attracted me to them.

An old girlfriend of mine owned a Renault 4, not in orange, but in that Renault powder blue. It was a fraught relationship, a youthful, naive liason – and all the more powerful for it. We went on a few road trips, had a few tears, laughs, sadnesses and excitements in that old banger.

The thing is about cars that they’re never just steel objects on wheels. Spend any time with them and they become a part of your life irreducable to their use value. They become literal vehicles for your memories. Excuse the sentiment. Enjoy the pictures.

photography by Kent Andreasen


One Response to “Renault 4 Love”

  1. vipertruck99

    why do these always remind me of the fluted edged midget gems,think its the general shape…however i do know these have a suprising off road capability.remember danny devito throwing one about in romancing the stone.