#Vanlife: Kickstarter Project


Foster Huntington’s A RESTLESS TRANSPLANT is one of the mack-daddies of the blogosphere.

Drawing in beautiful imagery and a fundamentalist on-the-road aesthetic, it’s one of the places we go when we’re dreaming of taking to the highway. His #vanlife collection of images have become sub-genre online in their own right – observations of the basic beauty of vans, campers and other wagons that people live in and cherish as home.

Foster has recently put together a book on some of the wagons he has encountered out there and last month launched a kickstarter campaign to get it printed and produced and distributed.

Amazingly and not wholly unsurprisingly he outstripped his funding goal in less than two weeks. We love this sort of story because this sort of project is both beautiful and inspiring – and it proves that with a little application you can take to the road and live your dreams.

Some lovely vans in there, too.

van life flyers_v2-08