Nissan Zeod


Nissan is zoning in on launching onto the raceways of the world with its ZEOD RC (Zero Emission on Demand Racing Car) electric car. The futuristic e-racer had its first public run recently at Fuji.

Nissan’s aim is to be prepared for the 2014 Le Mans series by hitting at least 186 miles per hour on electric power. That wouldn’t set the EV land speed record – but it’s impressive nonetheless.

The ZEOD RC will be part of the Garage 56, section of the 24Hours festival – a spot reserved for cars showing off new technology. Nissan was invited to compete at Le Mans by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, which puts on the display of tomorrow’s tech each year on the haloed weekend at Le Mans.

The video is a bit dry, but an interesting insight into what it might to drive an EV pushing 200MPH!