William Eggleston’s Cars

Cars People

American photographer William Eggleston was the first artist who used colour photography to be accepted as a ‘serious’ artist by the Art Establishment.

His coolly abstracted lens was taken up wholeheartedly by film makers like Gus Van Sant , Wim Wenders and others who seek to evoke something uniquely American about America.

He made it possible for images of every day life wrought in colour to be exmined as art – lifted from pop culture to something more considered.

And, in Eggleston’s frames, cars are often the most fully documented characters – the people often captured in profile, fleetingly and obliquely.

It’s as if he understands how powerful the image of the car is in the American identity. Cars are, for Eggleston, easier to understand, less shifting and less ethereal than Americans themselves.

We’ve always felt instinctively that cars are much more than simply tools and should be considered with that in mind. Looking at Eggleston’s work we’re convinced they represent something much more powerful than we ever thought.

Images Via http://www.egglestontrust.com/